Membership (Ladies & Mens)


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Goombungee Golf Club Results


Thursday 19/05/2022 Mixed 4 Ball Stableford, Secret Draw - Tony Sheridan and George Rojahn Trophy. Winners Greg Schull and Col Jenkins 67 pts, runners-up Robyn Purcell and David Cass. Approcahes men 6/15 Greg Buckley, 7/16 Col Jenkins, 8/17 Maurie Cronk. Approaches ladies 2/11 Carmel Cover, 5/14 Robyn Drowley, 8/17 Jan Mullins.

​Sunday 22/05/2022 Single Stableford - Club Trophy.  Winner men Trent Peters 32 pts, ladies Robyn Drowley 30 pts. Rundown Ann Cass, Mark Peters, Greg Buckley, Dave Lowe, Dan Darlington. Pin shots men 8/17 Trent Peters. Approach ladies 2/11 Robyn Drowley, 3/12 Val Drowley. 

Members draw. No: 9, Ann Cass. Present. Next week $5.

Next Week:
Thursday 26/05/2022 Single Stableford - Club Trophy.
Sunday 29/05/2022 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - CC Harth Memorial, J and B Harth Trophy.

​Sunday 15/05/2022 Single Stableford - Club Trophy.  Winner men Matty Burgess 37 pts (New Course Record), ladies Val Drowley 29 pts. Rundown  Trent Peters, Graham Elton. Pin shots men 3/12 Trent Peters, 4/13 and 8/17 Nino Capuzzo. Approach ladies 1/10 Robyn Drowley, 2/11 Carmel Cover. 

Members draw. No: 148, L Bethell. Not present. Next week $40.

Saturday 30/04/2022 H.L.O. Cabarlah Goombungee Results. Winner Nino Capuzzo 32 pts, runner-up Dave Humphrey. Rundown Dan Darlington, Steve Elfverson, Bill Robertson, Murray McLeod, Greg Buckley, Greg Schull. Approach All-in 1/10 Dan Darlington. Winner lucky draw for players who played in all three rounds, Steve Elfverson. Overall points Goombungee 921, Crow's Nest 951, Cabarlah 986.

Wednesday 04/05/2022 Goombungee Ladies Open Carnival. Winner Best overall nett Bernadette Kelly 68 nett OCB, best overall gross Shari McDermott 82. Winner Division 1 nett Sharron Schasser 71 nett, gross Liz Robinson 84, best nine stableford front Judy Lester 18, back Jan Mullins 17. Winner Division 2 nett Janelle Kruse 68 nett, gross Rhonda Van Ansem Brooker 93, best nine stableford front Petae Fraser 19, back Annie Woodroffe 21. Winner Division 3 nett Jenny Grassick 69 nett, gross Wendy Ladewig 102, best nine stableford front Chris Little 19, back Carmel Cover 19. Pin shots 4/13 Majella Kahler, 8/17 Genny Imhoff. Approaches Division 1 7/16 Lynn Case, Division 2 1/10 Janet Kuhl, Division 3 2/11 Maryette Buckley. Accuracy drives Division 1 Lynn Case, Division 2 Bea Dangerfield, Division 3 Janet Davis.

Thursday 05/05/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy.  Winner men Greg Schull 39 pts. Approaches men 4/13 Greg Buckley, 5/14 Robbie McKewen, 6/15 Kevin Andersen.

​Sunday 08/05/2022 Single Stableford, Mothers Day - Club Trophy.  Winner men Graham Elton 37 pts, ladies Carmel Cover 34 pts. Rundown Robyn Drowley, Garry Shea, Bill Robertrson. Pin shots men 8/17 Graham Elton. Pin shot 8/17 and approach 7/16 Graham Elton. Approach ladies 3/12 Carmel Cover. 

Members draw. No: 3, Glyn Skuse. Not present. Next week $35.

Thursday 28/04/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy.  Winner men Gary Mathies 42 pts. Approaches men 2/11 Garry Shea, 3/12 Kevin Anderson, 5/14 Gary Mathies. Ladies Single Stroke - Rose Edmungs Trophy. Winner ladies Carmel Cover 73 nett. Approaches ladies 4/13 Helen Scott, 6/15 Robyn Drowley.

​Sunday 01/05/2022 Two Person Ambrose - Greg Schull and Dave Humphrey Trophies.  Winners Doug and Brenadette Kelly 63 nett, second Harry Cover and Murray McLeod, third Adrian and Jason Delaney, fourth Bill Robertson and Gary Herriman, Bradmans Greg Buckley and Garry Shea. Rundown Col Jenkins and Ashley May, Paul and Wendy Ladewig, Steve Elfverson and Dave Lowe. Pin shots men 3/12 Gary Linane and Rodney Mann, 4/13 Dave Humphrey and Greg Schull, 8/17 Garry Herriman and Bill Robertson. Team approaches 2/11 Ashley May and Col Jenkins, 6/15 Adrian and Jason Delaney, 7/16 Dave Humphrey and Greg Schull.

Members draw. No. 2, Fay Blanck. Not present. Next week $30.

Thursday 14/04/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy.  Winner men  Dave Scutt 37 pts OCB. Approaches men 1/10 Dave Scutt, 2/11 Greg Schull and Shane Hughes, 8/17 Errol Hartman. Winner ladies Robyn Purcell 37 pts. Approaches ladies 1/10 Val Hartland, 6/15 Ann Cass, 8/17 Robyn Purcell 37 pts.

​Sunday 24/04/2022 Single Stableford - Combined Services - Tim Langston Trophies.  Winner services David Lowe 30pts, men Mark Peters 42pts, ladies Carmel Cover 38pts. Rundown Gary Shea, Greg Buckley, Harry Cover, Graham Elton. Pin shots men 3/12 Matty Burgess, 4/13 Greg Buckley, 8/17 Matty Burgess, approach men 7/16 Matty Burgess, 6/15 Graham Elton. Approach ladies 7/16 Robyn Drowley.

Members draw. No. 42, Steven Booth. Not present. Next week $25.

Thursday 28/04/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Ladies Single Stroke - Rose Edmunds' Trophy.

Saturday 30/04/2022 Final Round of H.L.O. at Cabarlah. Final names to Captain (0400 538 373), by Wednesday afternoon please.

Sunday 01/05/2022 Two Person Ambrose - Greg Schull and Dave Humphrey Trophies.
Pennants Goombungee v Dalby at Dalby.

Trent Peters

Thursday 14/04/2022 Easter Hamper Day - Mixed Event, Secret Draw Four Ball Stableford.  Winners George Rojahn and Robyn Drowley 61 pts, runners-up Gary Buckley and Carmel Cover 60 OCB. Approaches men 1/10 David Cass, 4/13 Craig Cooper, 9/18 Gary Buckley. Approaches ladies 2/11 Ann Cass, 3/12 Denise Volz, 9/18 Carmel Cover.

​Sunday 17/04/2022 Single Stableford - Club Trophies.  Winner men Gary Shea 36pts, ladies Robyn Drowley 33pts. Rundown Mark Peters, Trent Peters, Nino Capuzzo, David Scutt. Pin shots men 3/12 Matty Burgess, 4/13 Trent Peters, 8/17 Mark Peters, approach men 6/15 Matty Burgess, 2/11 Dion Holzheimer, 5/14 Andrew Weir-Smith . Approach ladies 2/11 Carmel Cover.

Members draw. No. 48, Zach Thornley. Not present. Next week $15.

Thursday 07/04/2022 Men Flag Event - Club Trophy.  Winner Garry Shea 19th fairway. Approaches men 3/12 Wayne Nemeth, 7/16 aArry Cover, 9/18 Greg Lyall. Ladies Single Stroke, Monthly Medal, Putts - Val Hartland Trophy. Winner Jan Mullins 68 nett, putts Jan Mullins 24 putts. Approaches 1/10 Jan Mullins, 4/13 Ann Cass, 7/16 Helen Scott.

Friday 08/04/2022 Chook Run Winner Nino Capuzzo 35 nett, second Bill Robertson, third Paul Ladewig.

​Sunday 10/04/2022 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - Booth Family Trophies.  Winner men David Cass 70 nett, runner-up Robyn Drowley 73 nett. Best Gross men Trent Peters 82, ladies Ann Cass 88. Rundown Val Drowley, Errol hartman, Steve Elfverson, Greg Schull, Dave Scutt. Pin shots men 4/13 Graham Elton, 8/17 Nino Capuzzo, approach 2/11 Errol Hartman, 5/14 Dave Humphrey . Pin shot 8/17 Ann Cass, approach ladies 5/14 Robyn Drowley.

Members draw. No. 28, John Harth. Not present. Next week $10.

Thursday 31/03/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy.  Winner Greg Buckley 37 pts. Approaches men 7/16 Greg Lyall. Ladies Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Robyn Drowley 34 pts, approaches 2/11 Val Drowley, 5/14 and 8/17 Robyn Drowley.

​Sunday 03/04/2022 Stableford - Harry and Carmel Cover Trophies.  Winner men Trent Peters 34 pts OCB, runner-up Dan Darlington. Winner ladies Marg Haywood 30 pts, runner-up Robyn Drowley. Rundown Bea Dangerfield, Royce Polzin, Mark Peters, Maurie Cronk, Murray McLeod, Craig Kennedy. Pin shots men 4/13 Shane Hughes, 8/17 Craig Kennedy, approach 1/10 Steve Elfverson, 9/18 Royce Polzin. Approach ladies 1/10 Robyn Drowley, 3/12 Carmel Cover.

Members draw. No. 96, Trent Peters. Present. Next week $5..

Thursday 24/03/2022 Men V.S.S. - Club Trophy.  Winner Harry Cover +3. Approaches men 4/13 David Cass and Harry Cover, 5/14 Errol Hartman, 6/15 Dean Freyling. Ladies V.S.S. - Robyn Drowley Trophy. Winner Ann Cass +5, approaches 2/11 Vla hartland, 3/12 Ann Cass, 5/14 Janelle Kruse.

Friday 25/03/2022 Chook Run Winner Dave Lowe 37 nett, second Paul Ladewig.

​Sunday 27/02/2022 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - Travis Peters and K & R Plumbing Trophies. Winner men Phill Cass 62 nett, runner-up Trent Peters. Winner ladies Val Drowley 77 nett, runner-up Robyn Drowley. Best Gross men Matty Burgess 69, ladies Robyn Drowley 95. Rundown GAry Buckley, Nathan Bonney, Matty Burgess, Garry Shea, David Cass, David Lowe, Greg Schull. Pin shots men 4/13 Phill Cass, 8/17 Dan Darlington, approach 7/16 Phill cass. Approach ladies 1/10 Robyn Drowley.

Members draw. No. 66, Gary Linane. Not present. Next week $20.

Thursday 17/03/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club trophy. Winner Gary Buckley 40 pts. Approaches men 2/11 Greg Buckley, 3/12 Gary Buckley, 5/14 Murray Mcleod. Ladies Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Rose Edmunds 32 pts OCB, approaches 2/11 and 8/17 Jan Mullins.

Friday 18/03/2022 Chook Run Winner Cynthia Canard 37 nett, second Des Higham, third Joe Hartman.

​Sunday 20/02/2022 Single Stableford - Round 2 H.L.O. Overall winner men Edward Eggleston 40 pts, ladies Ann Cass 39 pts, runner-up Polly West. Winner men Goombungee Dave Humphrey 39 pts, runner-up Dan Darlington. Winner men Cabarlah Brian Phillips 34 pts, runner-up Greg Campbell. Winner men Crow's Nest Royce Polzin 35 pts, runner-up Bevan Bargenquast. Rundown Goombungee David Lowe, Nathan Bonney, Bill Robertson, Greg Schull, Steve Elfverson, Matty Burgess. Rundown Cabarlah Jarred Davidson, Tim Squires, Mark Hancock, Dulana P, Jason Boorey, David Thompson. Rundown Crow's Nest Brad Wingett, Robert Mansbridge, Martin Edser, Jack Thorpe, Jason Burnett, David Cox. Pin shots men 4/13 Rob Mansbridge, 8/17 Russell Gardner, approach all-in 1/10 Mark hancock. Pin shots ladies 8/17 Ann Cass, approach 2/11 Ann Robertson. Overall Points Goombungee 675, Cabarlah 656, Crow's Nest 660.

Members draw. No. 112, David Booth. Not present. Next week $15.

Thursday 10/03/2022 Men Two Person Ambrose - Club trophy. Winners Greg Schull and Ashley May 65 nett. Approaches men 1/10 , 2/11 , 8/17 Greg Schull and Ashley May. Ladies Single Stroke, Putts, Monthly Medal - Club Trophy. Winner Robyn Drowley , putting Robyn Drowley, approaches 4/13 and 7/16 Robyn Drowley.

Friday 11/03/2022 Chook Run Winner Dave Lowe 38 nett, second Dulana P.

Saturday 12/03/2022 Kumbia Interclub Goombungee winner men Wayne Nemeth, ladies Ann Cass. Approach ladies 5/14 Ann Cass. Points so far - Goombungee 197, Kumbia 191.

​Sunday 13/02/2022 Single Stableford - Matty Burgess Trophy. Winner men Ken Darr 38 pts, runner-up Aaron McCluskey, ladies Val Drowley 27 pts, runner-up Carmel Cover. Rundown Jacqui Smith, Ashley May, Trent Peters, Dave Lowe, Nino Capuzzo, Greg Lyall. Bradmans men Garry Shea, ladies Kathy Egan. Pin shots men 3/12 Greg Lyall, 4/13 Matty Burgess, 8/17 Dan Darlington, approaches 6/15 Trent Peters, 5/14 Aaron McCluskey. Matchplay championship results: A Grade Matty Burgess def Mark Peters 4/2, B Grade Murray McLeod def Jason Delaney 6/5, C Grade Graham Elton def Phil Cass 6/4.

Members draw. No. 88, Glen Davidson. Not present. Next week $10.

Thursday 03/03/2022 Men Single Stableford - Club trophy. Winner men David Cass 37 pts. Approaches men 1/10 Nathan Bonney, 4/13 David Cass. Ladies Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Robyn Drowley, approaches 1/10 Val Hartland, 6/15 Robyn Drowley, 8/17 Robyn Drowley.

Friday 04/03/2022 Chook Run Winner Gary Linane 34 nett, second Nino Capuzzo.

​Sunday 06/02/2022 Single Stableford - Par Weir MLA Trophy. Winner men Dave Lowe 39 pts, ladies Robyn Drowley 30 pts. Rundown Ann Cass, Greg Lyall, David Cass, MArk Peters, Bevan Bargenquast, Bruce McLeod, Adrian Delaney. Pin shots men 4/13 (Eagle's Nest) and  8/17 Matty Burgess, approaches 2/11 Greg Buckley, 5/14 Trent Peters, 7/16 Bruce McLeod. Approach ladies 7/16 Robyn Drowley. 

Members draw. No. 6, Greg Buckley. Present. Next week $5.