Membership (Ladies & Mens)


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Goombungee Golf Club Results

​Sunday 28/11/2021 Two person Ambrose - Club Trophy. Winners - Nino Capuzzo and Steve Elfverson 65 3/4 nett. Rundown Trent and Mark Peters, Greg Schull and Dave Humphrey, Dave Lowe and Murray McLeod. Pin shots Men 4/13 Trent Peters, 8/17 Bill Robertson, team approaches 2/11 and 7/16 Mark and Trent Peters 6/15 Scott and Zack Wood.

Members Draw. No 43, Wayne Nemeth. Not present. Next week $15.

Next Week:
Thursday 02/12/2021 Ladies Christmas Hamper Day - Mixed Medley
Friday 03/12/2021 Chook Run from 3:00 pm.
Sunday 05/12/2021 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - Dan Darlington Trophies. Medal of Medalists Playoff.

Thursday 11/11/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Charlie Sipple 36 pts. Approaches Garry Shea, Dave Lowe and Harry Cover. Ladies Foursomes - Club Trophy. Winners Gross and Nett, Jan Mullins and Robyn Drowley.

Friday Chook-run 12/11/2021 Winner Dave Lowe 35 nett, runner-up J Thompson 36 nett.

Saturday 13/11/2021 Goombungee Open Carnival - 4BBB Stableford. Winners Craig Kennedy and Santy Dalzies 39 pts, Runners-up Dan Darlington and Matty Burgess 37 pts OCB. Best Nine Stableford John and Maryette Buckley 19 pts.Pin shots men 4/13 Paul Ladewig, 8/17 Matty Burgess. Approaches 2/11 Craig Kennedy, 6/15 Damien English. Approach ladies 3/12 Sandy Dalziel.

​Sunday 14/11/2021 Goombungee Open Carnival - Single Stroke, Nett, Gross and Best 9 Stableford. Overall winner nett Adrian Delaney 65 nett, gross Graham Hourn 70. Winner men A Grade nett Gary Linane 72 nett, gross Cameron Taylor 72, best 9 stableford Matty Burgess 20 pts. Winner B Grade nett Bill Robertson 66 nett, gross Greg Moore 85, best 9 stableford Dave Lowe 18 pts. Winner C Grade nett Rodney Mann 72 nett, gross Dave Scutt 96, best 9 stableford Damien Peters 15 pts.Winner Ladies Division A nett Mary Stenhouse 76 nett, grossAnn Cass 89 , best 9 stableford Pat Skenr 18 pts. Winner Division 2 nett Lisa Weatherly 83 nett, gross Carmel Cover 112, best 9 stableford Jennifer Grassick 13 pts. Pin Shots men 4/13 Col Hoey, 8/17 Mark Hendreson, approaches 1/10 Adrian Hilton, 7/16 Rodney Mann, 9/18 Jayden Peck. Approache ladies 2/11 Jan Mullins. Long drive men A Grade Andrew Johnston, B Grade Adrian Delaney, C Grade Ed McGinn. Accuracy ladies drive Division 1 Mary Stenhouse, Division 2 Sandra Speers.

Members Draw. No 9, Ann Cass. Present. Next week $5.

Thursday 04/11/2021 Men 4BBB Stableford - Club Trophy. Winners Gary Buckley and Shane Hughes 46 pts. Approaches 2/11 Gary Mathies, 5/14 Steve Elfverson, 8/17 Dave Scutt and Harry Cover. Ladies Single Stroke, Best Nine - Kathy Egan and Jacqui Smith Trophy. Winner Jacqui Smith 33 nett. Approaches ladies 2/11 Rose Edmunds, 7/16 Ann Cass. 

Friday Chook-run 5/11/2021 Winner Paul Ladewig 35 nett.

Sunday 07/11/2021 Single Stroke Monthly Medal - Bill Robertson Trophy. Winner men Trent Peters 59 nett, ladies Robyn Drowley 69 nett. Runners-up men Damien Peters, ladies Jacqui Smith. Best Gross men Trent Peters 72, ladies Robyn Drowley 86. Rundown Ann Cass, Geoff Bach, Craig Kennedy, Dan Darlington, Dave Lowe, Aaron McCluskey, Gary Linane. Pin Shots men 4/13 Greg Buckley, 8/17 Nino Capuzzo, approaches 2/11 Harry Cover, 5/14 Travis Peters, 6/15 Matty Burgess. Approaches ladies 2/11 Carmel Cover, 6/15 Robyn Drowley.

Members Draw. No 35, Peter Mullins. Not present. Next week $10.

Thursday 28/10/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Gary Mathies 36 pts. Approaches 1/10 David Cass, 2/11 Dave Scutt, 4/13 Murray McLeod. Ladies Single Stableford - Sharlane Elfverson Trophy. Winner Carmel Cover 33 pts. Approaches ladies 6/15 Robyn Drowley, 9/18 Helen Scott. 

Sunday 31/10/2021 Kumbia Club Visit, Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winners Goombungee men Greg Schull 36 pts, Kumbia men James Peter 36 pts, Goombungee ladies Robyn Drowley 36 pts, Kumbia ladies Melissa Peter 26 pts. Runners-up All-In: men Bill Robertson , ladies Carmel Cover. Rundown Kumbis Lindsay Francis, Nelson Bentley, Kevin Rook, Graham Bickerton, Goombungee Nino Capuzzo, Gary Herriman, Steve Elfverson, Dave Lowe. Pin Shots men 3/12 Dan Darlington, 4/13 Lindsay Francis, 8/17 Dan Darlington, approaches 5/14, Mark Peters, 6/15 Adrian Delaney, 7/16 Dave Scutt. Pin Shots ladies 4/13 Melissa Peter, 8/17 Ann Cass, approaches 5/14 Ann Cass, 3/12 Carmel Cover. Kumbungee Cup final scores Goombungee 470 def Kumbia 395.

Members Draw. No 31, Jacqui Smith. Present. Next week $5.

Thursday 21/10/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Tony Sheridan 36 pts. Approaches 1/10 Gary Buckley, 3/12 Murray McLeod, 9/18 David Cass. Ladies Single Stroke - Dulcie Skuse Trophy. Medal Of Medalists Play-off. Winner Robyn Drowley 73 nett. Approaches ladies 5/14 Robyn Drowley. Medal of Medalists winner Robyn Drowley.

Friday 22/10/2021 Chook-run. Winner Rodney Mann 34 nett.

Sunday 24/10/2021 Men's and Ladies' Foursomes 27 Holes - Club Trophy. Winners men gross Matty Burgess and Murray McLeod 121, nett Greg Schull and Dave Humphrey 107 1/2. Winner Single Stableford Jacqui Smith 37 pts. Run-down Charlie Sipple, Bill Robertson and Gary Herriman, Mark and Trent Peters, Jason and Adrian Delaney. Pin shots men 3/12 Matty Burgess, approaches men team approach 6/15 Matty Burgess and Murray Mcleod, 6/15 Single Stableford Aaron McCluskey.

Members Draw. No 131, Andrew Dent. Not present. Next week $15.

Thursday 14/10/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner  pts. Approaches 7/16 Gary Mathies, 8/17 Garry Shea, 9/18 Garry Shea. Ladies Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Robyn Drowley 37 pts. Approaches ladies 4/13 Helen Scott.

Friday 15/10/2021 Chook-run. Winner Gary Linane 35 nett, second Charlie Sipple.

Sunday 17/10/2021 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - Mark and Karen Peters Trophy. Winner men David Cass 67 nett OCB, overall runner-up David Lowe, winner ladies Jacqui Smith 68 nett. Best gross men David Cass 77, ladies Ann Cass 89. Run-down Val Drowley, Aaron McCarthy, Garry Shea, Dan Darlington, Nino Capuzzo, Dave Humphrey, Jason Delaney. Pin shots men 4/13 Travis Peters, 8/17 Garry Shea, approaches men 7/16 Trent Peters, Dave Humphrey. Approaches ladies 9/18 Ann Cass.

Members Draw. No 87, Dave Humphrey. Not present. Next week $10.

Thursday 07/10/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Gary Buckley 38 pts. Approaches 4/13 Errol Hartman, 6/15 Charlie Sipple, 7/16 Maurie Cronk. Ladies Single Stroke, Monthly Medal, Putts - Club Trophy. Winner Val Hartland 66 nett. Approaches ladies 2/11 Ann Cass, 3/12 Robyn Purcell, 4/13 Robyn Drowley.

Friday 08/10/2021 Chook-run. Winner Craig Kennedy 34 nett OCB, second Marty Edser.

Sunday 10/10/2021 Single Stableford - Jason Hopkins and Golf World Day. Winner Overall, Charlie Sipple 41 pts OCB, men Travis Peters 41 pts, runner-up Rodney Mann, winner ladies Ann Cass 40 pts, runner-up Jacqui Smith. Run-down Val Drowley, Bruce McLeod, Dan Darlington, Gary Herriman, Greg Buckley, Aaron McCluskey, Dave Scutt, John Harth, Mark Peters. Pin shots men 3/12 Trent Peters, 4/13 Dan Darlington, 8/17 Greg Buckley, approaches men 7/16 Murray McLeod, 6/15 Travis Peters, 5/14 Dave Scutt. Pin shot ladies 4/13 and 8/17 Ann Cass, approaches 7/16 Ann Cass.

Members Draw. No 31, Jacqui Smith, present. Next week $5.

Thursday 30/09/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner Greg Buckley 36 pts. Approaches 3/12 Murray McLeod, 5/14 David Cass, 6/15 Greg Buckley. Ladies Flag Competition - Club Trophy. Winner Rose Edmunds. Approaches ladies 8/17 Ann Cass, 1/10 3rd shot Ann Cass.

Friday 01/10/2021 Chook-run. Winner Cecily McLeod 32 nett, second Charlie Sipple.

Sunday 03/10/2021 Single Stroke, Putts - Club Trophy. Winner men Greg Buckley 66 nett, ladies Carmel Cover nett. Winners putting, men Greg Buckley 24 putts, ladies Carmel Cover 32 putts. Best Gross men Matty Burgess 74 OCB, ladies Ann Cass 87. Run-down Murray McLeod, Gary Herriman, David Cass, Adrian Deleney, Gary Linane. Pin shots men 4/13 Geoff Bach, 8/17 Murray Mcleod, approaches men 2/11 Greg Buckley, 6/15 Matty Burgess , 5/14 Murray McLeod. Pin shot ladies 8/17 Ann Cass, approaches 3/12 Carmel Cover, 6/15 Ann Cass.

Members Draw. No 47, Mark Jocumsen, not present. Next week $30.