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Goombungee Golf Club Results

Thursday 15/04/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Winner Steve Elfverson 37 pts. Approaches men 3/12 Murray McLeod, 2/11 Greg Buckley, 5/14 Murray McLeod. Ladies Single Stroke, Monthly Medal, Putts. Winner Ann Cass 72 nett. Approach 7/16 Gloria Scott, 8/17 Val Hartland. 

Sunday 18/04/2021 Single Stableford, Combined Services Day - Tim Langston Trophies. Winner Services Dave Lowe 34 pts. Winner men Dave Dumphrey 39 pts. Winner ladies Ann Cass 34 pts. Rundown Robyn Purcell. Gary Herriman, Gary Linane, Ainsley Cochrane, Matty Burgess, Darren Cass, Trent Peters. Pin shots men 4/13 Murray McLeod, 8/17 Dave Humphrey, approaches 1/10 Matty Burgess, 9/18 Matty Burgess. Approach ladies 1/10 Ann Cass.

Members draw: No 3, Glyn Skuse, not present, next week $185.

Next Week:
Thursday 22/04/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stableford - Val Drowley Trophy.
Sunday 25/04/2021 Anzac Day - No Competition.
Monday 26/04/2021 Single Stableford - Club Trophies. 10:00 amd hit-off.

Thursday 08/04/2021 Men Stroke Flag Event - Club Trophies. Winner Charlie Sipple 18th fairway. Approaches men 3/12 Dave Scutt, 9/18 Charlie Sipple. 

Sunday 11/04/2021 Single Stroke, Monthly medal - Booth Family Trophies. Winner men Bill Robertson 69 nett OCB. Winner ladies Jacqui Smith 72 nett. Best gross Gary Herriman 76. Best gross ladies Ann Cass 85. Rundown Ann Cass, Steve Elfverson, David Cass, Gary Herriman, Dave Lowe, Greg Schull. Pin shots men 4/13 David Cass, approaches 7/16 Greg Schull, 5/14 Harry Cover. Approach ladies 3/12 Carmel Cover, 9/18 Ann Cass.

Members draw: No 82, Shane David, not present, next week $180.

Thursday 01/04/2021 Easter Hamper Day, Mixed 4BBB Aggregate - Club Trophies. Winners Tony Sheridan and Jacqui Smith 66 pts, 2nd Aaron McCluskey and Gloria Scott, 3rd Wayne Nemeth and Robyn Drowley. Approaches men 4/13 Steve Elfverson, 7/16 Aaron McCluskey, 9/18 Murray McLeod, ladies approach Pin 4/13 Robyn Drowley, approaches 7/16 Robyn Drowley, 8/17 Val Hartland. 

Sunday 04/04/2021 Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Winner men Trent Peters 38 pts. Winner ladies Ann Cass 33 pts. Runners up Men David Cass. Runners up Ladies Kathy Egan. Rundown Dan Darlington, Murray Mcleod, Gary Herriman, Gary Linane, Jacqui Smith. Pin shots men 4/13 Dan Darlington, 8/17 Dan Darlington, approaches ->10 7/16 Mark Peters. Approach ladies 0-24 7/16 Ann Cass.

Members draw: No 74, R Polzin, not present, next week $175.

Thursday 25/03/2021 Men V.S.S. - Club Trophies. Ladies V.S.S. - Robyn Drowley Trophies. Winner David Cass +2. Winner Chris Tannock -3 OCB from Carmel Cover. Approaches men 2/11 Wayne Nemeth, 3/12 David Lowe, 7/16 Harry Cover, ladies approach 6/15 Chris Tannock. 

Friday Chook Run 26/03/2021 Winner Bill Robertson 38 nett OCB, runner-up Murray McLeod, third Brett Thorncroft. Last day for the Chook Run till September.

Sunday 28/03/2021 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - Travis Peters and K & R Plumbing Supplies Trophies. Winner men Charlie Sipple 70 nett. Winner Ladies Chris Tannjhock 73 nett. Gest gross men Matty Burgess 73, ladies chris Tannock 95. Rundown Jacqui Smith, Gary Linane, Dave Humphrey, Rodney Mann, Bill Bobertson, Greg Schull. Pin shots men 3/12 Matty Burgess, 4/13 and  8/17 Murray McLeod, approaches 6/15 Dave Humphrey, 5/14 Trent Peters, 2/11 Aaron McCluskey. Approach ladies 6/15 Chris Tannock.

Members draw: No 42, Stephen Booth, not present, next week $170.

Thursday 18/03/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Winners men Robbie McKewen 37 pts. Winner Ladies Carmel Cover 33 pts. Approaches men 8/17 Murray McLeod, 9/18 Wayne Nemeth, ladies pin shot 4/13 Robyn Drowley. 

Friday Chook Run 12/03/2021 Winner Peter Mullins, runner-up Aaron McCluskey, third Murray Mcleod. Last day for the Chook Run till September Friday 26/03/2021.

Sunday 21/03/2021 Final Round HLO at Crow's Nest. Winner overall Brian Phillips 38 pts, Goombungee men Gary Herriman 37 pts, runner-up Scott Wood. Rundown David Cass, Steve Elfverson, Trent Peters, Dan Darlington, Dave Humphrey, Judy Stevens. Winners overall, three rounds: men Gary Herriman 110 pts, ladies Ann Cass 88 pts. Pin shots men 3/12 Nathan Bonney, ladies Ann Cass. Final Points for HLO Shield - Goombungee 1049, Cabarlah 992, Crow's Nest 986.

Thursday 11/03/2021 Men Two Person Ambrose - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stroke, Monthly Medal, Putting - Club Trophy. Winners men Robbie McKewen and Wayne Nemeth 67 1/4 nett. Winner Ladies Robyn Drowley 72 net OCB. Pin shot 4/13 David Cass, team approaches men 5/14 and 7/16 Robbie McKewen and Wayne Nemeth, ladies approach 3/12 Val Drowley, 4/13 Robyn Purcell. 

Friday Chook Run 12/03/2021 Winner Cynthia Canard, runner-up Dave Humphrey, third Dave Lowe.

Saturday 13/03/2021 Interclub visit to Kumbia. Goombungee men's winner Dave Cass 63 pts, runner-up Ann Cass 35 pts. Pin shot men 4/13 David Cass, ladies approach 4/13 Ann Cass. Overall points Goombungee 263, Kumbia 231.

Sunday 14/03/2021 Single Stableford - Matty Burges Trophy. Winner overall, Rodney Mann 39 pts OCB, men Gary Linane 36 pts OCB, ladies Jacqui Smith 39 pts. Rundown Murray McLeod, Gary Herriman, Mark Peters, Trent Peters, Miah Linane. Pin shots men 3/12 Matty Burgess, 4/13 Dave Lowe, 8/17 Dan Darlington. Approaches men 1/10 Aaron McCluskey, 2/11 Dave Lowe, 5/14 Matty Burgess. 

Members Draw. No: 19, Cecily McLeod, not present. Next week $165

Thursday 04/03/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stableford - Club Trophy. Winner men Garry Shea 39 pts. Winner Ladies Jacqui Smith 33 pts OCB. Approaches men 2/11 Greg Schull, 7/16 Greg Buckley, 8/17 Murray McLeod, ladies approach 2/11 Jan Mullins, 3/12 Carmel Cover. 

Friday Chook Run 19/02/2021 Winner Paul Ladewig, runner-up Jan Mullins, third Dave Humphrey.

Sunday 07/03/2021 Single Stableford - Pat Weir MLA Trophy. Winner men Rodney Mann 38 pts, ladies Val Drowley 33 pts. Rundown Gary Herriman, Aaron McCluskey, Steve Elfverson, Ainsley Cochraine, Matty Burgess, Garry Shea, Carmel Cover. Pin shots men 3/12 Trent Peters, 4/13 Jack Perrin, 8/17 Charlie Sipple, ladies 4/13 . Approaches men 2/11 Matty Burgess, 1/10 Charlie Sipple, 9/18 Aaron McCluskey, ladies 2/11 Val Drowley, 3/12 Carmel Cover. 

Members Draw. No: 121, Geoffrey Gunther, not present. Next week $160

Thursday 25/02/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stableford - Carmel Cover Trophy. Winner men Harry Cover 41 pts. Winner Ladies Robyn Drowley 36 pts, runner-up Ann Cass 33 pts OCB. Approaches men 2/11 Tony Sheridan, 5/14 Gary Mathies, 6/15 Harry Cover, ladies pin shot8/17 Robyn Drowley, approach 1/10 Robyn Drowley. 

Sunday 28/02/2021 Single Stroke, Monthly Medal - Club Trophy. Second Round Match Play Championships. Winner men Garry Shea 67 net, Ladies Carmel Cover 70 net. Rundown Dan Darlington, Gary Herriman, Val Drowley, Rodney Mann, Robyn Drowley. Pin shots men 3/12 Dave Humphrey, 4/13  John Harth, 8/17 David Cass, ladies 4/13 Ann Cass. Approaches men 1/10 Matt Burgess, 9/18 Greg Schull, Ladies 9/18 Ann Cass, 3/12 Carmel Cover. 

Members Draw. No: 45, George Rojahn, not present. Next week $155

Thursday 18/02/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stroke - Jan Mullins Trophy. Winner men Harry Cover 39 pts OCB. Winner Ladies Jacqui 71 net. Approaches men 4/13 David Cass, 7/16 Alan Bryce, ladies pin shot 4/13 Janet Tancred, approach 5/14 Chris Tannock. 

Friday Chook Run 19/02/2021 Winner David Lowe, runner-up D. Highman, third Peter Mullins.

Sunday 21/02/2021 Second Round H.L.O. at Goombungee Golf Club. Overall winner men Gary Herriman 40 pts, ladies Janelle Kruse 37 pts.  Winner Goombungee men Dave Humphrey 39 pts. Runner-up Greg Schull 37. Winner Cabarlah men Ian Harrison 37 pts, runner-up Adrian Zanetti 35. Winner Crow's Nest men David Greenhill 39 pts, runner-up Greg Campbell 36. Rundown Goombungee Nino Capuzzo, Travis Peters, Matty Burgess, Gary Linane, Gary Shea, Aaron McCluskey, Cabarlah Caleb Aitken, Jason Borey, Graham James, Bevan Bargenquast, Tim Goddard, Miacael Merritt, Crow's Nest Ross Burgess, Brian Phillips, Robert Daunt, Steve Emmerton, Russell Gardner, Ian Beutel. Pin shots men 4/13 , 8/17 , ladies 4/13 Russell Gardner, 8/17 Matty Burgess. Approaches men 2/11 Brian Phillips, ladies 3/12 Robyn Drowley. Points after round two: Goombungee 720, Crow's Nest 653, Cabarlah 672. 

Members Draw. No: 49, Don Pratley, not present. Next week $150

Thursday 11/02/2021 Men Single Stableford - Club Trophies. Ladies Single Stableford, Best Nine Hole Eclectic. Winner men Garry Shea 41 pts.Winner Ladies Carmel Cover 21pts. Approaches men 5/14 Alan Bryce, Greg Buckley, 8/17 Maurie Cronk, ladies approach 3/12 Robyn Drowley. 

Sunday 14/02/2021 First Round H.L.O. at Cabarlah Golf Club. Winner Goombungee men Mark Peters 37 pts. Rundown Travis Peters, Dan Darlington, Nino Capuzzo, Bill Robinson, Matt Burgess, Dave Humphrey. Approaches men No 10 All-in Scott Wood. Points after round one: Goombungee 357, Crow's Nest 318, Cabarlah 354. 

Thursday 04/02/2021 Ladies New Year Hamper Day 4BBB Stableford - Club Trophies. Winners Robyn Purcell and Murray McLeod 42 pts. Runners-up  Val Hartland and Garry Shea. Rundown Gloria Scott and Aaron McCluskey, Jacqui Smith and Charlie Sipple, Robyn Drowley and Davis Cass, Chris Tannock and Alan Bryce, Barb Weier and Steve Elfverson, Carmel Cover and Greg Buckley, Jan Mullins and Geoff Bach, Ann Cass and Gary Mathies, Kathy Egan and Greg Schull, Barb Weier and Dave Scutt, Denise Volz and Harry Cover, Val Drowley and Tony Sheridan . Approaches men 1/10 Greg Buckley, 8/17 David Cass, ladies 2/11 Val Drowley, 4/13 Jan Mullins. 

Sunday 07/02/2021 Single Stableford Medley - Club Trophies. Winner David Lowe 37 pts. Rundown Ainsley Cochrane, Greg Schull, Carmel Cover. Pin shots men 4/13 and  8/17 Dan Darlington. Approaches men 9/18 Dan Darlington. Pin shots ladies 4/13 Chris Tannock, approach ladies 3/12 Carmel Cover, 7/16 Robyn Drowley. Results for Match Play A Grade Matty Burgess def Scott Wood 3/2, David Cass def Gary Herriman 2/1, Nino Capuzzo def Gary Linane 2/1, Dan Darlington def John Harth2/1. B Grade Trent Petersv Dave Lowe, Jason Delaney v Charlie Sipple. C Grade Greg Buckley def Harry Cover 4/2, Adrian Delaney def Bill Robertson 3/2, Dave Scutt def Rodney Mann 3/2, Steve Elfverson def Aaron McCluskey 9/7. Second round to be played by EoP 28/02/2021.

Members Draw No: 101, Roy Duggan, not present. Next week $140

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